Restaurant: Harvest Vine, Madison Valley, Seattle, WA

Harvest Vine 2701 E Madison St Seattle, WA 98112 (206) 320-9771 (google map) Dining at Harvest Vine was a very unique and pleasant fine dining experience. The restaurant is situated much like a hotel lobby bar – a bar with my a dozen seats, and four 4-person high-tables behind it. It’s a very intimate experience. … Continue reading

IKEA Expedit Computer Case?

At home, my desktop is paired with my Samsung LCD and my Lenovo wireless remoteĀ (which is amazing btw) and recently I’ve maxed out my 1TB hard drive. So, I had to purchase a 2TB hard drive which was on sale off my 2nd favorite online store, (#1 being Amazon, I LOVE Amazon Prime). After … Continue reading

BBQ Pork Spare Ribs on 18″ Weber Charcoal Grill

I love BBQ ribs, but no one really makes it exactly the way I’d like it — spicy, but sweet. So I figured, why not use the beautiful grill that I bought earlier this summer. Last night, I did exactly that. Equipment List: 1. Weber 18″ Charcoal Grill. Save your money and don’t settle for … Continue reading