IKEA Expedit Computer Case?

At home, my desktop is paired with my Samsung LCD and my Lenovo wireless remote (which is amazing btw) and recently I’ve maxed out my 1TB hard drive. So, I had to purchase a 2TB hard drive which was on sale off my 2nd favorite online store, Newegg.com (#1 being Amazon, I LOVE Amazon Prime).

After receiving it, I popped open the computer case and I had flashbacks of my last desktop upgrade. About a year ago after Starcraft II came out, I had to upgrade both my video card and power supply to play the game. But now, it’s too crowded inside the case and I have no space for the new 2TB hard drive.

At first, I thought of adding more fans, adding on an expansion outside the case, or downgrading my computer to accommodate the drive. But if I was going to do anything or spend money, I wanted something with a bit more flash and not look ghetto. Perhaps a new case? But spending $50 on a boring Thermaltake or Antec case seemed a bit of a waste. Next, I began rummaging Craigslist for old Apple G5 towers to start a hackintosh project, but nobody wants to sell their broken towers for less than $100.

I was craigslist surfing for some furniture when I saw this picture. Then it hit me!

(this isn’t my house, just borrowed the picture from ikeafans)

I always liked the look of IKEA’s Expedit Cube Shelves. Don’t know why. But how about if I purchased one of those plastic cubes or even the wicker cubes and converted it into a computer case? Then, I could stuff it into the cube under that Wii and it’ll look very discrete.

What do you think? Would it be feasible? Is it a good idea or tacky? In the meantime, I’ll go a craigslist-exploring for a nice used Expedit 2×4 in Brown-Black.

To Be Continued…

2 Responses to “IKEA Expedit Computer Case?”
  1. Leta says:

    nerd alert nerd alert!!!

    I don’t remember what your set up looks likes these days…but I vote for the wicker cubes. Don’t forget to get me some swedish meat balls when you’re at ikea!!

  2. Joe says:

    kinda late commenting, but found this looking for ikea computer case ideas… and figured I would share.

    I have the expedit desk, the 4×4 shelf, with the desk attachment. I’ve got a set of double drawers and one of the cabinet sections …. im taking the cabinet section out and making THAT the case… cutting the back out, mounting a motherboard tray with backplate in, cutting holes for fans, etc… this way it all looks completely hidden with plenty of room and adequate cooling. You can open the front of the cabinet still to access the computer if need be.

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